Fourteen (14) New Judges Appointed In Bombay High Court .

A total of 14 new judges have been appointed to the Bombay High Court. Apart from the six names that were reported to be elevated to the bench, President Pranab Mukherjee gave his assent to eight more names in exercise of powers under Article 224 of of the Constitution of India. Among these names is the current Registrar General Mangesh Patil. Following are the names of the newly appointed additional judges-…

(1) Rohit Baban Deo
(2) Sandeep Kashinath Shinde
(3) Riyaz Iqbal Chagla
(4) Bharati Harish Dangre
(5) Sarang Vijaykumar Kotwal
(6) Manish Pitale
(7) Sunil Keshaorao Kotwal
(8) Arun Digambarrao Upadhye
(9) Mangesh Shivajirao Patil
(10)Arun Madhav Dhavale
(11)Prithviraj Keshavrao Chavan
(12)Murlidhar Ganpatrao Giratkar
(13)Vibha Vasant Kankanwadi
(14)Sopan Mahadu Gavhane

These appointments take the total strength of the High Court to 75, which is still 19 short of the sanctioned strength of 94.





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